For Life. Not just for the glory.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. How appropriate if you’re a United fan. Sir Alex Ferguson came, he saw and he truly conquered. And be honest. We took it for granted. Being the best. Dominating the league. Demanding respect. The fear factor of Old Trafford that once was. The drama. And the […]


Football is Love. Love is Love.

International break is here again. When players go from club to country and fans are left to support their nation or simply count down the days till it’s over. Regardless of your viewpoint on that, one thing speculated about in the press recently has been the sexual orientation of several England players. My first thought […]


Enough is enough. I have sat back and observed for too long without opening my mouth. How dare somebody think they have any right to belittle somebody or try to intimidate them be it on the Internet or elsewhere. What has happened to our society when it is deemed acceptable to be abusive to strangers […]


‘It’s just banter.’

Picture the scene. You’re at the ground of your team of choice. You’re down 1-0. You’re still in it. Everything to play for. Then your defender scores a shocker of an own goal and there’s only five minutes to go. You’ve had a few drinks so you’re a bit lairy. What is acceptable for you […]