A New Hope……part III

I’m part of a handful of genuine Manchester United fans whom are not thrilled by the appointment of Jose Mourinho. In fact, I shall not be referring to him by name until he wins us the prem. He will be fondly referred to as the gaffer or by his initials, JM, until the title returns to the Red side of Manchester.

He is still a great rival coach in my eyes. I haven’t moved on from that yet. My paranoid self believes that he is on Abramovich’s payroll and is only out to sabotage my beloved football club. The slight glimmer of optimism within hopes, no, prays that the gaffer will revive his own coaching career as well as the image and legacy of Manchester United. His ego will either be a great asset or venomous poison to the club. Time will tell as it often, inevitably does. According to all accounts, things are clearly on the up and up.

New coach, new quality signings and a new air of belief has seemingly been restored to Manchester United. Oh, he has also won us the first silverware of the season as well. Although, I do recall Mr. Moyes winning the Community Shield as well. Those are the type of trophies that compliment a premier league title or Champions league. Otherwise, they’re nothing more than a salad at an expensive dinner.

So despite my position on the new gaffer, I will always support my club. Always. Here are my simple expectations while the gaffer is under contract during his maiden season.

  1. No shenanigans. I.e. they shouldn’t become a distraction to the team or sully the name of Manchester United. This is not a London circus.
  2. A greatly improved defense and greatly improved players. The gaffer must get the best efforts from of his entire squad. As mentioned above, this is a revival season for many involved. That means you Memphis Depay.
  3. Depth utilization and tactics. Players should not be played out of position barring heavy squad injuries. Furthermore, squad rotations should be seamless.
  4. Attacking football tactics. Given his propensity to park the bus, I expect us to be a counter attacking team primarily. Pack the middle, disrupt the opposition and go racing down the flanks.
  5. Besting the top flight clubs, especially at home. Return Old Trafford to fortress status.


Match Predictions and potential starting eleven.


A 4-5-1 essentially to kick the season off away to Bournemouth. Stay compact and disciplined. Grab one goal and the rest will follow. There shouldn’t be too many gaps within the team, defense, to midfield to Zlatan. There should be loads of speed in support to the big Swede. Hopefully, we’ll see some decisive killer instinct in front of goal. 3 points on the road via a business like performance.

Starting XI

De Gea, Shaw, Blind, Bailey, Valencia, Carrick, Rooney, Martial, Mkhitarayan, Lingard, Zlatan.





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