An Open Letter to Di Maria …..


You gave up on us …. Way too fast !!

You have everything it takes to become a United legend… You are a good player , the skill .. everything .. you have it …. You have what it takes to have your name sang for years at Stretford end. An exceptional player …. You’re name would have been sung along SAF’s , along Rooney’s …..

I’m sad you gave up on us …..

I kept saying you wouldn’t leave , i was arguing against anyone saying you’d leave … You told journalists while at Copa America you were coming back to Manchester … Next thing we know you’re not on any flight to Manchester … I’m sad.

You gave up too easily … You had just one bad HALF season , seeing as the season started really well for you … Just one bad half season and you left…

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Say Cheese!





We all feel them, they are ever present

Waiting for their moment to surface

Waiting for you to give them purpose

Suppressing their oppositions





A constant battle can put you in eternal servitude

If you are unable to prevent your sins


I rebuke the sentiment

Sins they cannot be on their own

Feeling is inevitable

And inevitably, good and bad don’t exist in a vacuum

The emotional cocktail; a mystery it may be

The query is: which is worse?

Happiness at someone’s misfortune

Or Hatred of injustice

Hatred, Anger, Bravery, Patience

Initially are neither here nor there

The outcome depends on the action

The action need not depend on the emotion


Yours will be another’s subject matter

Dissecting what others bear

Something we foolishly think we mastered

In reality, we barely understand our own afflictions

Be a servant not to…

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